Rolling Hill Farm


Registered Icelandic Sheep

At Rolling Hill Farm, we are working to improve the quality of the bloodlines of Nova Scotia's Icelandic sheep.  We have imported bloodlines from Le Biscornu in Quebec and will be aiming to have strong, healthy sheep with excellent fleeces, good lambing qualities and beautifully tender meat. Icelandic sheep have been bred for thousands of years in Iceland, a very harsh environment. They are naturally a hardy breed, needing little extra forage. The ewes typically produce twin lambs each year without assistance, and the lambs grow strongly and quickly. Both ewe and ram lambs are available as breeding stock in the autumn of each year, depending on the stock born in the spring.

Proudly Presenting Rolling Hill Wool

Rolling Hill Farm are proud to introduce our range of home-grown, home-sheared, Icelandic lopi yarn. We have 11 lamb skeins in dark wool, 7 lamb skeins in light wool, 18 adult skeins in dark wool and 33 adult skeins in light wool. Please ask about pricing.

The Icelandic sheep is mid-sized, short-legged and stocky, most known for its wonderful dual-coated fleece, where the undercoat (called the Thel) is super soft and can be used for garments that touch the skin, and the outercoat (called the Tog) is a medium wool perfect for weaving and knitting alike. Both male and female sheep for breeding purposes are often available.  Please ask ‚Äčif you are interested.  We will happily put you on a list if no stock is ready at the time.

Sheepskin Rugs For Sale

Super soft and warm, our lamb rugs are very popular. Icelandic sheep sport a variety of fleece colours, including the black and white seen on many other breeds of sheep, but also grey, mouflon and moorit, sometimes uni-coloured and sometimes multi-coloured. We frequently have raw fleeces available, as well as processed wool (locally spun) and sheepskins.

Lamb Meat

Icelandic lamb meat is known for its tenderness and great flavour. The meat of the Icelandic sheep is considered gourmet style, with a fine grain and a distinct, delicate flavour. The lambs are smaller than some, but more than make up for it by their wonderful taste. Lambs are available to buy as whole carcases or halves, and occasionally in their separate chops and roasts.