Rolling Hill Farm

Rolling Hill Farm is finally getting to see a lifelong dream come true. Our own patch of green where our animals can run free and we can get back to what we love; working the land with horse and plough instead of gas and tractor. We produce in-season produce for market and farm pick-up, breed working-line shepherds and the sheep they tend. We are Certified Naturally Grown, a grass-roots initiative based on on the highest ideals of the organic movement.

Proudly Presenting Rolling Hill Wool

Rolling Hill Farm are proud to introduce our range of home-grown, home-sheared, Icelandic lopi yarn. We have 11 lamb skeins in dark wool, 7 lamb skeins in light wool, 18 adult skeins in dark wool and 33 adult skeins in light wool. Please ask about pricing.


"Shadow the king of the snow bank. I can not get over how fast he has grown. Every day it seems like we are saying dude you grew overnight. Everyone who meets him just falls in love. We are always getting told how handsome he is and that you don't see this kind of German Shepherd very often. Shadow's favorite spot is Point Pleasant Park he loves meeting new dogs and humans the compliments are endless and we are always asked where did you get him. Danny and I were joking around saying we need to make a pamphlet with all his information on it to hand out its always the same questions, where did you get him, is he a purebred, how big will he get, what are the breeders like? I can not thank you guys enough for how you do things and do it right. It most definitely shows. Shadow's temper is amazing he has such a kind soul and all he wants to do is please us and be cuddled. He is also going to be a big brother come end of April to a little human sister. We definitely look forward to watching them grow up together."

 - Ronna Salter (taken from a post on our Facebook page)